Light Vehicle Transmission Change Services (LB1) Brisbane
Ever thought about how important your car's transmission is? At Andy’s Mod Plates and Accessories, we're the experts Brisbane drivers turn to. We upgrade your driving by improving how your car works. This also makes sure your car is safe to drive. Being certified by the QLD Department of Transport means a lot. Our skilled team carefully fits and installs transmissions. This makes your car run smoothly and work better. Need your gearbox fixed or replaced? Our specialists in Brisbane will make sure your car is top-notch. Our transmission change services don't just boost how your car drives. They also make sure your car follows strict safety rules. Trust in Andy's Mod Plates and Accessories for all your car's transmission needs. We show our dedication to quality and greatness with every job we do.

Introduction to Light Vehicle Transmission Services

Light vehicle transmission services are key to making your car last longer and run better. At Andy's Mod Plates and Accessories, we're proud to offer top-notch transmission services. These services boost your vehicle's performance and keep you safe on the road.

What Transmission Services Cover

We handle lots of important tasks, like putting in and checking new transmissions. These tasks are aimed at making your car work more efficiently. Our team pays attention to every detail to make sure your car's transmission is in top form. We also fix gearboxes and overhaul transmissions if needed. This makes sure your car runs smoothly and doesn't let you down. Our detailed transmission work guarantees your vehicle will be reliable.

Importance of Regular Transmission Maintenance

Regular care for your transmission is really important for your car. Without it, your car could break down, costing you money and putting you in danger. By having regular checks with our specialists, you can avoid these problems. This keeps your car running well for a long time. It's crucial to get your gearbox checked and have regular maintenance. This catches small issues before they turn into big ones. Choosing us for your car's transmission care means you're looking after its performance and dependability.
"Transmission services are not just about fixing what's broken; they're about ensuring that your vehicle stays in top shape through preventive care and expert attention."

Why Choose Our Light Vehicle Transmission Change Services (LB1)

Andy's Mod Plates and Accessories offers top-quality light vehicle transmission change services (LB1). We meet the unique needs of our clients. Our high skill level and dedication to excellence make us the best choice in Brisbane, Moreton Bay and the Sunshine Coast.

Expertise and Certification

Our crew includes certified gearbox specialists. They're not just well-trained - they're also recognized by the QLD Department of Transport. This ensures our services, like automatic transmission repair and manual transmission service, are top-notch and follow strict laws.

Professional Installation and Benefits

Professional transmission installation boosts your car's performance and safety. With our help, vehicles run smoother, handle better, and use less fuel. Plus, regular transmission fluid changes keep everything working great, lessen wear and tear, and make the transmission last longer. We take care of every step in the transmission change, ensuring your car stays reliable and comfy to drive. This gives car owners a sense of security and joy on the road.

Our Transmission Change Process

At Andy’s Mod Plates and Accessories, we take great care in our transmission change process. It's designed for the best vehicle performance and longevity. Every step, from the start to the end, is done with careful precision.

Initial Diagnostics

Our transmission change process starts with detailed transmission diagnostic services. It's important to catch any problems early. Our experts use the latest tech to check the transmission. They make sure everything is set for a perfect repair.

Transmission Fluid Change

After checking everything, we change the transmission fluid. High-quality fluid is key for a smooth-running transmission. This step helps keep things cool and prevents damage.

Installation and Testing

Next, we handle the professional transmission service, including putting in a new transmission. We make sure it fits perfectly. Then, we thoroughly test the new transmission. We want to ensure the auto transmission repair is successful. We do this so that our customers have a reliable drive. Our gearbox overhaul makes all parts work well together. This means you can drive with confidence.

Manual Transmission Servicing and Repair

At Andy's Mod Plates and Accessories, we keep your car in great shape with manual transmission servicing. Our expert team offers services to ensure your manual transmission works well. We help your car run smoothly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Gearbox Overhaul

We have a detailed process for fixing gearboxes that starts with a careful check. If needed, we'll thoroughly overhaul your gearbox. Our goal is to fix any complex issues and make your gearbox last longer. We're committed to getting your car's gearbox back to its best, for reliable performance.

Clutch Replacement Services

Clutch replacement is crucial for manuals, and we do it well. Our team handles each clutch replacement with care, focusing on your car's performance. Because we specialize in transmissions, our work promises satisfaction every time.

Automatic Transmission Repair and Rebuild

At Andy’s Mod Plates and Accessories, we're proud to be automatic transmission specialists. We're dedicated to getting your vehicle’s transmission back to top shape. Our transmission service focuses on detail and uses high-quality parts for lasting repairs.

Transmission Rebuild and Replacement

Sometimes, a simple repair isn’t enough. In those cases, we provide transmission rebuild and replacement services. Our role as automatic transmission specialists means we carefully check all parts and use the best. This ensures your transmission is durable and performs well. Whether it’s a small fix or a full rebuild, our commitment to top-notch automatic transmission repair stays strong. We work hard to make your transmission as good as new.

Transmission Diagnostic Services

At Andy's Mod Plates and Accessories, we offer top-notch transmission diagnostic services. Our team uses the latest equipment and we have expert vehicle transmission specialists on board. They carefully check your transmission system to find any problems. Getting these diagnostics is key for keeping your transmission in good shape. It helps us spot issues before they get worse. Then, we can fix them quickly with our auto transmission repairs. Our advanced tools let us find and fix problems, helping your vehicle run smoothly again. Our technicians are always learning about new transmission technology. This ensures they can handle any issue fast and skillfully. So, after we’ve worked on your transmission, it will work perfectly again. Choosing Andy's Mod Plates and Accessories means you’re getting the best transmission diagnostic services around. We’re dedicated to great service and quality auto transmission repair. We want to make your driving experience better by keeping your transmission in great shape.

Service Locations

We're proud to offer our top-notch LB1 transmission services to different places. This includes Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Our goal is to provide excellent service and make things easy for our customers.


In Brisbane, our expert team handles all sorts of transmission work. Whether it's regular maintenance or a full replacement, we've got it covered. Our mobile service means we come to you, anywhere in Brisbane, Redlands, Logan City, Gold Coast, or Ipswich.

Sunshine Coast

If you're on the Sunshine Coast, we're here for you too. Need a big repair or just a small tweak? Our team is ready to offer custom solutions. We're known across Brisbane for our reliable transmission services, bringing the same high standards to the Sunshine Coast.

Contact Us

Contacting Andy's Mod Plates and Accessories is easy and friendly for anyone needing top LB1 transmission services. We're Brisbane's go-to for gearbox solutions, always ready to help. If you have questions or want to set up a meeting, our crew is here for you. Call us at 0490 897 867 or send an email to We make sure every question is answered quickly because we care about our customers. Being experts in transmission replacement, we give advice and support to make sure your car works great. At Andy's Mod Plates and Accessories, it's not just our knowledge that sets us apart. It's our commitment to good prices and friendly help. If you're worried about your transmission or have any questions, please reach out. Our expert team will find the right solutions for your car.


Q: What transmission services do we offer?

A: Our services include changing light vehicle transmissions, manual and automatic. We also offer gearbox overhauls and clutch replacements. Plus, we do transmission fluid changes. Our experts are great at replacing and fixing transmissions, helping your car run better and safer.

Q: Why is regular transmission maintenance important?

A: Keeping up with transmission maintenance stops big problems later. It makes your car last longer and keeps gear shifting smooth. That means your car works better and is safer to drive.

Q: What benefits do we offer with our professional transmission installation?

A: Our expert transmission installation boosts your car's power and follows all rules. You'll drive with ease, knowing everything's done right. It makes your ride comfier, safer, and improves the car's working parts.

Q: What does our transmission change process include?

A: We start with checks to find any problems. Then, we change the transmission fluid and professionally install the new transmission. Finally, we test everything to make sure your car runs smoothly.

Q: What are our manual transmission services?

A: We overhaul gearboxes and replace clutches for manual vehicles. These fixes solve big issues and keep your car running at its best.

Q: What repair and rebuild services do we provide for automatic transmissions?

A: For automatics, we repair and rebuild transmissions, including fluid changes. We use top-quality parts for rebuilds or replacements, making sure your car runs well for a long time.

Q: What do our transmission diagnostic services entail?

A: Our diagnostics use the latest tech and skilled people to pinpoint and fix issues. This makes sure your transmission works well after we're done.

Q: Where do we offer our services?

A: We're in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Redlands, Logan City, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Ipswich, and much of South East Queensland. We're easy to find for lots of people who need top service.

Q: How can you contact us for transmission services?

A: You can reach out to Andy's Mod Plates and Accessories by phone at 0490 897 867 or email at We provide great prices, friendly service, and expert advice.

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